You’ve been searching for awhile now. 
For truth. For healing. For joy.

There’s been a calling on your heart to step
into a life where your soul is ready
to be seen and heard.  

You’ve felt lost, overwhelmed, and not sure where to turn
You know you need guidance. 
You need community. 
You need a place that returns you home. 

Home to yourself.
Home to others.
Home to the divine thread that interconnects us all. 

Introducing Sovereignty
A Virtual Spiritual Collective


  • divine power or authority.

As in, you have sacred authority to create the life you see in your mind’s eye as being possible.

You choose.  

You choose the dreams and visions you hold in your heart that are meant for you.  
You choose when it’s time to heal the pieces that are preventing you from thriving as your fullest, bravest, boldest self.
You choose when it’s time to do the work to get out your own way.
You choose when you’re ready to get unstuck. 
You choose when it’s time to heal the pieces that are preventing you from thriving as your fullest, bravest, boldest self.

You’re a seeker.  You have a bigger purpose you know is meant for you. 
You feel called to participate in the world in a bigger way. 

To be a voice for change.
To contribute to the greater good. 

To unleash the movement that lives inside of you even if you feel like you couldn’t possibly lead it.  (You can!)

You’re here to live a sovereign life, make a sovereign choice to step into your power, and become who you’re here to be!

And Dear Seeker, the time is NOW!
It’s time to free yourself from the internal voices
that tell you “I can’t”, “I’m broken”, “I’m crazy”.  
Just like the time is NOW to free yourself from
the external voices that tell you the same. 

Instead, it’s time to step into the version of you that is
POWERFUL, DIVINE, and PERFECT just as you already are. 
Your soul is simply waiting for you to remember!

self-awareness, self-love and a spiritual practice so you not only heal by becoming limitless, whole, and empowered, but radiate your light, your hope, and your truth to take an active role in the world you want to see.  

Sovereignty is a virtual collective that provides spiritual tools, spiritual guidance, soul-led community, and a container that’s explicitly designed to bring your highest self forward to always act in favor of your highest good.

Your monthly membership
of ONLY $27 (!!!) includes:


Weekly teachings & spiritual growth tools, guidance and support



Share your journey with other heart-centered soul seekers who are also steeping into their power


Share your powerful light as well as receive the light of others in our beautiful worldwide constellation


Guidance & suggestions for cultivating your own magick and personal empowerment

Your monthly membership also includes...


A Guided Group Energy session for Personal Healing & Transformation

Using energy medicine, meditation, Reiki and the power of community, the Healing Circle will help you cultivate your own power.

This monthly, online gathering will help you explore, strengthen and share your own innate healing ability. No experience required.

The third Thursday of every month at 6:30P EST, members of Sovereignty are invited to explore and cultivate their personal powers within the Healing Circle container.

Membership Options Include:

*Standard Membership $27
*LGBTQ + Vet + Student Membership $14
*Scholarships are also available!

Join Sovereignty Now

I’m Nicole Trombley, speaker, light-worker, and spiritual mentor who’s known I’ve been different for my whole life.  Except what happened to me is what happens to a lot of us – the world swallowed me up to fit into its own expectation. The past 20 years, my journey has been finding my way back to me, my God-given gifts, and how to expand into who I was created to be. 

Through the worlds of physical training, corporate wellness, integrative oncology, and now spiritual mentorship, coaching, and energy work – I help people make big transformations reclaiming their magic and superpowers to be who they were created to be.

Sovereignty is my dream come true. The time has come for us all to rekindle our spiritual practices so that we may reclaim our divine birthright.

Join me in this life-changing congregation as we ground down to rise up to expand into our fullest expression. 

This is Sovereignty. 

Where purpose-driven, heart-centered people who crave spiritual healing, connection, & community come together intentionally to reclaim their divine self, divine gifts, & divine purpose.

Because my healing is your healing. 
Your healing is my healing. 
Together, our healing is how we change the world.